World’s Fattest Cats – Thickest Felines On Pets And Tricks

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Here are the world’s fattest cats with their chunky and hefty bodies. These thick boys and girls will give you a good laugh.  

Cat owners definitely know that having a cat is one of the best things you can do in your life. They offer so much even when they just sleep all day and do nothing. Sometimes they just get freaky out of nowhere as well. But everything feels so amazing when they just crawl near you and demand some good old petting.  

While each of them has different personality traits and is unique in various aspects, the cats below are a bit different. They are famous because of their weight and obesity. As you can see, the beauty standards do not work in a similar way in the world of cats. As you can see, our furry friends above are immensely cute.



  41-pound cat on a mission to find a new home (and get in better shape)

Weight: 41 pounds  

Brisk is one of the heaviest cats in the world. He has a couple of medical problems regarding his weight. So, experts at Anjellicle Cats Rescue focused on a weight-loss program for Barsik. He was available for adoption a year ago.



  Massive 28-Pound Cat Is the Internet's Latest Feline Obsession

Weight: 28 pounds  

Samson is a very hefty feline residing in New York City. He is diagnosed with hip dysplasia alongside his solid weight. So, his fans on Instagram are a bit worried for Samson. Though the owner and the experts at the animal shelter follow his routine and ensure he is safe and well.



  Catsparella: Meow The 39 lb. Shelter Cat Has Sadly Gone Over The Rainbow  Bridge

  Weight: 39.6 pounds  

Meow was a lovely cat known for his obesity. He received lots of attraction because of his weight and became the heaviest cat in the world.  

Animal shelter providing a home to Meow started to look for a home for Meow while also focusing on his weight-oss. Yet Meow died due to lung failure a few weeks later and passed away in 2012.



  Huge Freaking Cat.jpg


Weight: 46 pounds  

Himmy is another record holder when it comes to the title of heaviest cat. Himmy died back on March 12, 1986. He was the fattest cat of his time until he passed away at the age of 10. He is also the thickest boy on this list. Although he is not among us anymore, his chunky memory remains in our hearts.  

These are some of the fattest cats we have ever seen. Though obesity impacts a cat’s overall health.


About Feline Obesity


While it is all fun and flowers for us to pet and love these heavy felines, obesity in cats is a very serious problem. The gathering of excess body fat in cats damages the immune system of the animal, making him or her more prone to diseases.  

According to a lifetime study, animals who has more fat in their bodies die sooner. So, it is safe to say that excess body weight reduces the life expectancy of cats. Fortunately, with the help of animal experts, most animals can lose weight in a specified routine. If you are a cat owner and worried about your cat’s weight, ensure that it is checked by a professional vet or an expert on the subject.

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