Winter Seasons Mean Cuddlier Cats in My Household

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I don’t know what things are like in your home around the winter season, but in my household, it always seems to me that colder weather brings with it the warmth of cuddlier cats.

Not only are my cats always cuddlier with me, never wanting to leave my side – they’re also cuddlier with each other, which is a super-cute bonus, in my books.

three cats curled up sleeping next to each other

This is even true of Avery, our first cat, who was an only cat child for quite a long time, and who took a lot of time to warm up to newbies in our home.

Avery’s definitely the odd one out, not only because he’s the only cat who’s not part-Persian, but also because the other cats knew each other before we took them in.

The other two – Athos & Bjorn – are stray’s who were abandoned, roaming about our neighbourhood. Our vet said sometimes people move and leave their outdoor cats behind – so sad :(.

avery athos bjorn sitting by window

Although Avery took a while to warm up to the other cats, this year, he’s even snuggling with the newest member of our household: Athos. No problem.

three cats sitting by window
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I’m not going to lie, most of the time, the mega cat-on-cat snuggles typically start when all the cats are surrounding me, sitting in my lap, sitting beside me, while I delve out cuddles and brush the furries.

Then strange and adorable things happen, usually when the cats readjust positions. Like this instance when Athos happened to spoon Avery:

cats cuddling on couch athos spooning avery

Too cute for words!

Athos has got to be the most peculiar of the three when it comes to sleeping positions. One time he even went so far as to move his entire head onto Bjorn to use him as a pillow, all while sleeping in my lap!

athos sleeping on bjorn in my lap

Crazy kitty!

These two are stupendously cute together. I have a theory that Athos is Bjorn’s father, as the two look like twins – well, okay brothers or something along those lines.

They’re so sweet when they cuddle together, which happens quite often, even if I didn’t start off the cuddle session.

I think they just like to huddle together for warmth ❤️

bjorn and athos cuddling on couch

It’s taken a long time for Avery to come around, but now that he has, I have a cat household where all three boys are happy to snuggle together and don’t quibble and fight all that much.

I’ll even catch them playing with each other sometimes! Which is nuts because of how aggressive Avery used to be when I brought our second cat, Bjorn, into the home.

Luckily my methods for getting cat #2 to be accepted by my first cat Avery worked out, and I knew if I could get him to be okay with a second cat, then others would be fine as well, even if it would take time.

avery and athos next to fire place

I’m happy as a clam now that the process is done, and they’re all happy, cuddling together.

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