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Wild Animal Damage Repair And RemovalMinnesota Wild Animal Management has built its positive reputation by humanely removing non-human creatures from homes and businesses. But the removal of rodents, bats, birds, snakes, and other animals is not the only service we provide. We have come to realize that homeowners also need help preventing wild animals from entering their home and repairing damage that they leave behind. So, our team has the experience and skill necessary to find an animal that has made its way into your home, remove it and then make sure that your house is not vulnerable to future issues.

Humane Wild Animal Removal Services In MN

As we come out of another Minnesota winter, animals like birds, snakes, squirrels and raccoons are set to become more active. Like all living creatures, they have the drive to survive and thrive, and often that means finding places that give them the best chance of doing exactly that. If your home has an opening that can be exploited that can provide access to shelter and food, the animals are not going to think twice about the fact that you may not want them there. While they mean you no harm, they are opportunists and see a nice, warm place to live.

During the warmer weather months, it is common for us to receive inquiries from homeowners who discover nests of squirrels, snakes, raccoons, bats in or around their homes. Considering the fact that these animals carry disease and can bite or scratch when threatened, it is not recommended that any homeowner attempt to remove wild animals on their own.

24/7 Wild Animal Removal Services

Once we identify and remove the animals from your home, our job is not done. We will do a thorough assessment of the area and identify just how the animal(s) got inside and seal the area so that it does not happen again. In addition, if the wild animal has left damage behind, we can complete the necessary repairs. Very often wild animals chew through wiring, wood or other materials and can cause serious problems. Our crew knows exactly what to look for and can repair these areas before the issues get even bigger.

No matter what kind of wild animal you discover in your home, we can remove them. Give us a call 24/7 at (763) 785-1414, (612) 237-8282, (952) 881-6662 or (651) 260-7378. We have earned a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and are available to our customers 24/7 including nights and weekends to help.

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