Why Your Cat Hates Shut Doors On Pets And Tricks

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We’ve all come across a cat that throws a fit over a closed door. They will paw and yowl until they get their way. This behavior has probably left you wondering why your cat hates shut doors so much?

Cats hate shut doors because they are territorial animals who see doors as an obstacle to their patrol route. They are also naturally curious and therefore feel the need to know what’s going on at all times in their home.

Territorial Cats Like To Patrol Your Home

Cat walking

Cats are naturally territorial animals. Like their wild counterparts, they feel the need to secure a safe place for them to sleep and eat. For your pet, that’s your home.

In your cat’s eyes, they are the rulers of the house. You don’t have a pet cat, they have a pet human. As a result, they become very insulted when you block them off from a part of your house by closing the door.

They feel as if it is their right to be on the other side of the door. Just as you feel it is your right to close the door for reasons such as:

  • For privacy
  • To keep the cat hair out
  • To save on the heating bill

No matter what your reason is, it will not be valid in the eyes of your cat.

Curiosity Upset The Cat

We all know how curious cats can be. As a natural survival instinct, the curious nature of your cat is an often lovable trait. However, when your cat is curious about what’s on the other side of the door, this trait can be less endearing.

curious cat

Their curiosity can be heightened if they smell or hear something enticing on the other side. However, even if it’s just an empty room filled with no smells, they still feel the urge to know what is going on in there.

Who knows, maybe that broom closet has a bunch of birds inside! Your cat won’t know until they get past that pesky door.

Cats Can’t Control Humans Behind Shut Doors

Sometimes it feels like your cat wouldn’t even notice if you were gone. However, many cats do form emotional attachments to their owners and enjoy being in their company. This bonding time has to happen on their terms though.

Since your feline friend likes to rule the house, and therefore you, they become very offended when you lock them out of a room. Even if it is to go to the bathroom, they don’t care. When they decide they want your attention, they need it right now.

cat cuddles

Many cats also like to simply be in your company, even if they are not interacting with you. It may seem like your cat could care less, but they may just like to love you from a distance.

When one of their human subjects locks them out of a room, they begin to panic that they may never return to feed and love them. So naturally, they go crazy at the door.

How To Live Peacefully With Shut Doors

cat in front of closed door

If your getting tired of your cat throwing a fit every time you close a door, you need to set some ground rules.

Your feline friend may think they are in charge, but even rulers are capable of showing respect. To get your cat to stop freaking out at every closed door, you need to teach them that the area you have closed off is off-limits to them.

Essentially, you need to take back your own territory. To do this, you must keep the door closed at all times and never allow the cat inside. Doing this lets them know that the room behind the door is not part of their territory anymore.

They may throw a fit for a few days or even weeks, but eventually, they will get the message. You just need to persevere through the adjustment period. Earplugs work great!

If you ever accidentally let the cat in the room, you will be back to square one. Therefore, be very careful to keep the door you choose closed at all times.

A Cats Hatred For Doors Is Normal

Your feline friend is a unique and interesting animal. Cat hating shut doors is just one of the many aspects that make cats the lovable creatures they are.

Whether their hatred springs from territorial interests or curiosity, simply keeping the door shut and persevering through will deter them from freaking out every time you close the door. After all, this method has got to be better than removing all the doors in your home to keep them happy.

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