Why I Shower With My Dogs – And You Can Too!

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I think a lot of my weirdness is coming out in this blog lately, and I’m thrilled about it. I’ve learned so much about dogs in the past seven years of blogging and day-to-day life with Matilda and Cow, but the weird ways we get things done are golden. I’ve washed my dogs in sinks – for Matilda, even a tiny bathroom sink works, and Cow has been in a big basement sink – and in bathtubs, on their own in the shower – and absolutely nothing beats just taking a shower with one or even both of them. I’m able to reach every part of the dog. It’s so much faster and less stressful for them. And I truly hate getting my clothes wet when I bathe them from outside the shower. It’s that “wet sock after stepping in a puddle” sensation times ten. Gross. And the multi-tasking! I’ve also brushed my teeth, all while showering with my dogs, which is a terrible idea, but it’s how we do things around here.

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