Why Does my Cat do That? On Pets And Tricks

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They’re adorable, lovable and entertaining, but have you ever wondered…

Why does my cat do that?

Why do cats like boxes so much?

Don’t you just love having a cozy place to relax? Your cat is no different! Boxes provide cats with just that, but that’s not the only purpose of a box. Boxes are a secure place to stalk prey and stay safe from predators, so next Christmas be sure to save all the boxes for your cat!

Why do cats purr?

Just as humans smile and dogs wag their tails, cats purr. Although we usually associate it with happiness that’s not always the case. Cats might also purr if they’re hungry, afraid, or hurting, so when your cat purrs, pay attention to their environment and situation.

Why does my cat paw, knead or rub its head on me?

There you are watching TV, reading, or working when your cat starts rubbing her face on you. You might think she’s scratching or trying to cuddle but actually, she’s either leaving scent markings, claiming ownership or being affectionate. The technical term is bunting.

Why does my cat sit on my computer?

Have you ever been trying to work (or check Facebook) when your cat comes over and sits on your keyboard? There are a couple reasons he does that. First, he wants your attention and what better way to get it then sit on what you’re giving your attention to?! Secondly, your computer is warm. Anyone who has seen a cat lying in the sun knows how much they love a nice warm spot. Lastly, the keyboard has give and cats like soft surfaces.

Why does my cat like to sit up high?

How often do you find your cat sitting on a dresser or high shelf? For cats, height equals safety and a vantage point. Cats are both predators and prey, so feel safer in high places where they can keep an eye on everything below.

Why does my cat want to drink from the sink?

Does your cat have a fancy water bowl or fountain, but still drinks from your sink? Before they were domesticated, cats had to find fresh water and water from running sources is generally less polluted. Therefore your cat is instinctively drawn to running water…hence the sink!

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