What Do Swans Eat in the Wild and at Home? On Pets And Tricks

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Swans are waterfowl of the duck family of the goose family. They cannot dive, so they forage for food in shallow water. Their diet is dominated by aquatic plants, worms, crustaceans, and mollusks. What swans eat depends on their habitat and the time of year. An adult bird eats 3-4.5 kg of food per day.

What do swans eat in the wild?

Swans are strong and hardy. Their torso structure and well-developed muscles allow them to swim well. To get food, the bird dips its neck into the water to the depth of one meter and catches with its beak everything in the water, in the mud at the bottom of shallows, or near the shore. Having grasped the food, it lets the water flow away and separates edible substances with its sensitive tongue. This is how the swan gets most of its food. In the wild, swans eat the following types of food:
  • aquatic vegetation (algae);
  • insects and their larvae;
  • barnacles;
  • small fish and amphibians.
Swans pluck leaves from willow branches down to the water and coastal grass. They like to eat grain crops in the fields: wheat, corn, bread grains.

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