What Do Parrots Eat in the Wild and at Home? Parrots’ diet On Pets And Tricks

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In natural habitats, these exotic birds have a varied diet, most of which consists of tropical fruits. These birds can eat them all year round because there are no frosty winters in the regions where these birds live. A mild climate is favorable to grow not only fruits but also berries, greens, and vegetables. All these plant foods are eaten by birds with pleasure the whole year-round.  What products they give preference, and how to compose a menu for the pet, we will tell in detail.

What do parrots eat in the wild?

 The diet of parrots varies somewhat depending on their species. While most macaws prefer to eat fruits and berries, their hyacinth subspecies eat mostly palm nuts. Another fan of palm fruits is called the African gray parrot. It tastes like the ones that grow on red oil palms. Grain is considered one of the favorite foods of tropical birds. The birds get carbohydrates from it, which allows them to stay satiated and energetic for a long time. What do parrots eat from grains? Practically everything. They gladly eat millet, oats, canary seed, flax, nougat, sesame, hemp seed, meadow grass seed, and sunflower seeds. Seeds of wild plants are collected by birds in forests and valleys, but for grains of cultivated plants, they go to fields, which are planted by people. Some species of birds eat not only seeds of plants but also their shoots and branches. Young greens are preferred by birds. It is easier to digest and does not cause digestive problems. While greens are young, they contain the most vitamins, so parrots eat the first sprouts. With the help of young twigs, birds knead their beaks.

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