What Do Owls Eat in the Wild and at Home? On Pets And Tricks

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The owl is an amazing bird, about which many of the most amazing legends and stories are told. Many people like it so much that they decide to have a feathered pet at home. They will be especially useful to know what the owl eats. However, understanding the question will be interesting to other bird lovers.

What do owls eat in the wild?

Answering this question is quite difficult. First of all, because there are about half a thousand species, and many have certain preferences. They live in different climates, have different sizes and habits. Also, the diet of owls can vary greatly depending on the time of year. That is, the same bird eats very different things in summer than it does in winter.

What do owls eat in the spring and fall?

During the warm season, the diet of these birds is quite extensive. Who does the owl eat? It eats a wide variety of animals, birds, and insects – just about anyone small enough not to be able to defend itself. Still, there are certain subtleties. For example, the eagle owl prefers birds and fish. But the diet of a needle-eared owl, which lives mainly in warm countries, consists exclusively of insects.

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