What Do Lemmings Eat? On Pets And Tricks

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Lemmings, amazing inhabitants of the tundra, have long attracted the attention of scientists by their migrations and incredible fecundity. These small rodents of the hamster family play a very important role in the balance of the tundra. Paradoxically, but without these small animals in the conditions of the north, many species of animals and birds that inhabit these harsh places could not exist. The reason is that lemmings are the main type of food for northern predators. Looking at these nimble animals, you would not think that they have a hard life. These either mice or hamsters are constantly on the move. They are very active, all the time running somewhere, in a hurry, and all the time chewing. Moreover, lemmings do not eat as they please, but according to a schedule. For about an hour they eat intensively. Then for an hour and a half to two hours they hide and sleep. Then again, one hour of eating and two hours of rest. In between these important processes for them, they still manage to look for food, take a walk, and engage in life-extension procedures. But the main thing is food. And so all the year-round, at any time of the year, summer or winter.

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