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You must’ve heard of postpartum depression. However, have you heard of puppy blues? Let’s find out. So, you’ve always wanted a puppy. You got one too. However, despite being super cute, the puppy is ruining your life. Was it too quick a decision to get a puppy? Are you ever going to be able to sleep again peacefully? Is it still an option to return the puppy to the breeder? Where did all of that excitement go? How did the world suddenly turn upside down? If you want to know more about dog psychology, training, health, and diseases, please subscribe to The Happy Puppers blog, so I can send you notifications about the release of all new blog posts. The Happy Puppers videos are uploaded on the YouTube channel Shruti and Delta. If you want to get notifications about the latest releases, please subscribe to the channel and ring the notification bell so YouTube can notify you about new video releases.

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