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Hello There Furiends,
It is getting downright warm in our neck of the woods (44 degrees!) and the sun is out. There are plenty of sun puddles for the Tribe to enjoy. The Human has been really busy, meeting every night which means much less cuddle time! Oh the injustice!

The biggest events of the week have been the weight mitigation attempts of The Human. Oliver is having none of it.

How it started.

Siamese and black and white kitten, Alberto and Oliver from Feline Opines

How it’s going.

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“So Human, we’d appreciate it if you would serve our morning wet food BEFORE you make the coffee
img 0767 w
“Come on, just follow me to the pantry.”
img 0769 w
“Oh wait, is that one of the Friskies treats I missed last night? Hold on Al, I be over tere in a minute.”
img 0766 w
“Allow me to open the pantry door for you. You’ll notice the wet food is on the lower right.”
img 0761 w
“Here, let me show you which one I want.”

I am beginning to feel sympathy for The Human. Oliver is definitely obsessed by food!

img 0739

Tibo Charroppin and his cat Lizzy (whose stage name is OwlKitty) are reimagining popular movies, feline style.

Charroppin, a French-born videographer from  Portland, Oregon began this hobby with his desire to use his green screen with his cat. Since that first desire he and Lizzy have created their own versions of Titanic, Jaws, The Matrix, Pulp Fiction, and Jurassic Park – just to name a few.

Lizzy gets the top roles like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, as she is turned into a 30 foot tall feline.

How long does it take to create these masterpieces? It varies, the Jurassic Park and Titanic videos each took about two to three months to produce.

In addition to the featured presentation videos, Charroppin also shares behind-the-scenes looks at how he puts everything together with the help of his wife Olivia Boone and the couple’s other cat, a 10-year-old tabby named Juliette.

You will be pleased to note that movie fame has not changed Lizzy despite her growing popularity on social media. The message for all these movies is to promote cat adoption.

Meowza, maybe there still is hope for a film career for me!


Now I don’t usually feature controversial subjects but I was interested to read what this human had t say about her cloned kitty. When her beloved cat  Chai crossed The Rainbow Bridge at the young age of five years.  She was devastated at the loss and decided to spend $25,000 to clone her companion  “out of pure love” for her pet.

Kelly Anderson told The Sun that she “couldn’t be happier with her decision,” despite the daily influx of hate mail on social media and a scathing letter from PETA.

She started doing cloning research and looked into ViaGen.  Tthe second they opened the next morning she made the decision. The process from there was basically getting my vet to work with them to get a skin biopsy (from Chai).”

Four years later, Anderson has a new kitten that she named Belle.

ViaGen told The Sun that it guarantees that they’ll look identical but the animals will develop their own personality because that’s based on external factors.

Those factors include how many animals are in the house, what the animal is being fed, how the cat is raised, among dozens of other nature-versus-nurture impacts.

Anderson said Belle’s personality “is completely different” from Chai.

Belle shares her home with her human and three other cats. She is also being socialized by being taken outside and to local breweries.

 “Some have ethical problems but some claim I’m using a cloned cat to make money on social media.PETA said in their that she has an “enormous amount of influence and they are desperate to help shelters … and to NOT create a cloning trend.

“Your promotion directly and adversely affects the lives of other cats — those who are sitting in shelters waiting for a family,” PETA said.

Anderson, who trains animals for a living, shared a few of her accomplishments and when she worked with PETA on campaigns.

“I appreciate your concern but it is very misplaced. And your data is misinformed,” Anderson said in a response email. “Cloning does not affect the cats in shelters at all.”

She said she has fostered over 100 cats and always has adopted, but losing Chai at five years old was a crushing blow in her life.

“There was just something special and different about Chai. I don’t know really, I can’t put it into words. She was just that pet for me. I’ve never had a pet like her. And I wanted to carry on a piece of her,” Anderson said.

So what do you think? Meow about it and let us know.


We felines are well known for wandering the neighborhoods, and the of one cat’s adventures has delighted internet users.

In a now-viral TikTok video shared on Thursday, user atargatisfairy, who also goes by Jaz, shared clips of a cat with the overlay text on the video reading: “This boy has been visiting our house for the past few months. Decided we need to know who his people are.”

Jaz shared a hand-written note that read: “Hey Mom, Being a responsible son, I’m letting you know where I spend some of my days and who my friends are. I visit [censored] every day and they started calling me Bob because they don’t understand my meows when I tell them my name.

“The humans at the house say you’re welcome to come and say hi. They have some cats too, we all catch up and chill together. If you think I’m lost or missing, I am possibly at my friends house so don’t worry. Andrew, Ange, and Jaz live there and would like to meet you and know my name.”

In the video, the poster then attaches the note to the feline’s collar before sending him off on his way. At the end of the video, the text overlay read: “​​He’s no trouble at all and he is well looked after by his people, but we are moving soon and don’t know who will own this house next. [We] want to let his people know that he might not get the same treatment when we go.”

With 1.9 million views and over 140,000 likes, TikTok users waited eagerly to see what would happen next. One user wrote: “Definitely waiting in anticipation for an update,” and another commented: “Did they get back to you? I’m invested!” Before long, a video update appeared.

And now, part 2. When the cat came back with no note, it wasn’t until Jaz checked her mailbox that she found a handwritten reply.

The letter read: “Hi Andrew, Ange & Jaz, I’m sorry my family have not been down to see you yet, my owners are little humans and are always getting into mischief. They would like you to know my name is Rex (as in T-Rex). You can probably hear my mom calling for me every night.”

In the video, Jaz also provided an update on what she would do next. She said: “Because his people are tiny people, I’m going to get some photos of him when he’s here next with my cats and then write out little stories as if he’s been on an adventure. That way the kids can see what he gets up to while he’s out adventuring.”

Another feline making furiends all over the neighborhood!

A Happy TabCat customer

You humans are all techy and nerdy so why shouldn’t we felines be the same?

In the “wearables” category I found the Tabcat device interesting. They say you humans can track us felines by audio and visual cues. And, get this, you can even train your feline to come home on demand. I have to say, this feline finds that a bit farfetched.

If you humans are too lazy to play fetch with us then the interactive ball might just be the ticket.

And finally, the thing Oliver fears most – the automatic feeder!!


The bond between this cat-dad Dan and 2-year-old, Darla is touching!

In her TikTok video Darla is seen hanging out on her cat perch to be closer to her beloved cat dad.  She listens for his voice but he’s actually not in the room. He recently took a job out of town and so Dan keeps the bond strong with Darla by catching up with her via their home camera.

As soon as she hears his voice, Darla’s ears perk up as she lovingly watches Dan speaking to her. The conversation goes something like this, “Hi baby. Hi! Yeah, I see you,” he says when Darla reaches her perch. “I miss you, Darla,” Dan says. “My sweet baby girl. I love you so much. I miss you, and I’ll be home soon. OK?”

Dan’s final words to his sweet Darla: “I’ll always come home to you; I love you so much.”

Oh my whiskers, I think I need a hanky!

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