Vintage Purple #CaturdayArt On Pets And Tricks

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Vintage Purple CaturdayArt On Pets And Tricks

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Vintage Purple CaturdayArt On Pets And Tricks1655165165 688 Vintage Purple CaturdayArt On Pets And Tricks

And now our weekly answers (all answered by Mommy this week) for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs!
1. If my life could have a rewind or pause button, I would choose rewind, without question. I would never want to press pause and be stuck with how things are right now (except for Mudpie), but would give anything to go back to a simpler, less stressful time.

2. I think a reality show about therapy cats would be interesting.

3. If my life had a soundtrack, it would include Life Turned Her That Way. It’s a country song that my mom has always said was “her song” and I’ve come to understand exactly what she means.

4. My personal style could best be described as very casual.

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