Vest Harness for Dog | 6 Best Vest-Style Harnesses That Work

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For pet owners concerned about their dog’s comfort and safety, a vest harness is a great idea. Harnesses offer pet parents more security and control than a collar alone. However, some harnesses that rely on thin straps may chafe or irritate your pet’s skin. A vest harness is an excellent solution; they distribute the pressure from the leash across your dog’s chest, with thicker, more supportive straps and padding—plus some extra features to boot.

Why Vest Harnesses For Dogs?

Vest harnesses for dogs have a variety of benefits. First, they help to distribute pressure across your dog’s body, which means less tension across your pup’s neck. Some vest harnesses even have leash attachments in the front to provide more control over dogs who are heavy pullers, which makes them great training tools. Second, if you have a dog that can be difficult to walk or is exposed to unpredictable situations, these vests provide extra security and control. Some vests even have small pockets that can be helpful for hikes or camping trips. But most of all, vests can be very comfortable for your dog and provide an extra bit of safety and visibility.

What to Look For in a Dog Vest Harness

There are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for a dog vest harness. First, make sure you find the right material for your dog. Good vest harnesses for dogs are padded, making them much more comfortable for your dog to wear, especially for extended periods of time. Many come in breathable materials, like mesh, that make them suitable for lots of different weather conditions (think hot summer days, rain, and even the occasional swim). Second, look for features that increase safety. Vests with handles can add security and control, and vests that use reflective materials can increase your visibility. Next, think about the types of activities you like to do with your dog. Would pockets be useful? Extra D-rings?

Lastly, think about which vests will fit your dog’s size. (Or if your pup is still growing, if the vest can be adjusted.) Vests come in lots of sizes, but not every vest will fit every breed of dog. Keep in mind that, like sweaters, vest harnesses are typically not as adjustable as other styles, so getting the right fit is especially important when shopping for one. Rather than choosing a vest harness for dogs based on body weight, you’ll want to measure your pet, including chest girth and neck size. This will help you determine the correct size, regardless of the brand.

Top 6 Vest Harnesses

Golden Retriever in green vest harness for dogs

This no-pull style Rabbitgoo harness is great for daily wear. It’s padded for comfort, made of durable weather-resistant material, and is easy to slip on over a dog’s head. The metal D-rings on both the chest and top of the harness mean you have a couple of different options for leash attachment. Two quick-release buckles make this an easy choice if you are looking for a quick-on, quick-off harness. It also features reflective piping for enhanced nighttime visibility. Available in sizes small to extra-large, this harness is a great option for large-breed dogs.

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Dog in BabyItrl vest harness with front D-ring

Strong enough to handle muscular breeds like Pitbulls, Great Danes, and more, this vest harness for dogs is a high-quality choice. It features adjustable straps on the neck and chest for a snug, customized fit, as well as a sturdy nylon handle on the back for improved control. It also has two leash attachment points, including on the front for a no-pull option. The easy-buckle snaps have a locking feature for added security.

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Black All-Weather Voyager vest harness for dogs

This step-in Voyager harness relies on a Velcro closure instead of buckles, which may work well for hard-to-fit dog breeds. Made from soft, padded mesh, this vest harness for dogs won’t irritate your dog’s skin, and it has double metal D-rings for an extra-secure leash attachment. This dog harness is best suited for smaller dogs. It comes in a whopping 16 colors as well, so your dog can step out in style.

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Golden Retriever in tactical vest harness

Designed with a heavy-duty nylon shell, this tactical vest harness for dogs is incredibly durable but still features soft interior padding for comfort. This harness is fully adjustable, with straps across the chest and around the neck as well. What really sets it apart, however, is its versatile design. With convenient MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) webbing along the sides, you can attach a wide range of MOLLE pouches. It also has an extra-strong D-ring leash attachment and a control loop at the front.

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Bright purple PoyPet no-pull harness

Large dogs can be difficult to control, especially if they have a tendency to pull. This no-pull-style vest harness from PoyPet features three buckles for extra safety, a handle on top of the harness for improved control, and a no-choke design. It also has two leash attachment points, one in front and one on top, so you can choose how to walk your dog. We also love that it is made from reflective nylon webbing for improved nighttime visibility, and has multiple layers of padding for added comfort.

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dog wearing yellow vest harness

Designed with mesh and eco-friendly materials, this EcoBark vest harness for dogs comes in a rainbow of colors and a nice range of sizes, fitting dogs up to 65 pounds. It’s made with a double layer of mesh, making it super strong and durable, but it is still quick and easy to put on and take off. This harness is designed for all weather conditions and the materials are tailored not to rub, so it should prevent chafing between your dog’s legs.

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