Unwanted House Guests

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Unwanted House GuestsAs we take more and more steps past the Covid-19 pandemic, we are able to do more social activities. Many of us are enjoying trips, sporting events, and outdoor activities. Some of us are even welcoming friends and family into our homes to celebrate birthdays and holidays. It has even been reported that some people are enjoying the company of relatives in their homes for days, and sometimes weeks, at a time! Even if those visits do not always occur without occasional stepping on toes, one thing is likely always true: The visits occur by choice. Choice, however, is never part of the equation when you discover that your visitors are raccoons, birds, rodents, or even bats.

Professional Animal Removal Services

Minnesota Wild Animal Management is unable to help you if you are in conflict with family members. But our team is more than able to help you if you are in conflict with a family of raccoons, birds, bats, or any number of other non-humans that take up residence in your home. If you discover that you have wild animals in your home, please do not try to remove them yourself. Most of these critters mean no harm but can carry disease or do harm by attacking when they feel threatened or cornered. We would not want you, or the animals living in your house, to be harmed. Removal of animals is something that should always be left to people who are professionally trained, such as those employed by Minnesota Wild Animal Management.

Some animals who move into our homes are very bad at hiding the fact that they have moved into our homes, but they can still be very difficult to locate. It takes the trained eye of a trained animal management professional to uncover the location of some animals. When you contact us, we will perform an inspection of your home, which results not only in locating the animals but assessing whatever damage they might have caused to your home.

Humane Removal Of Wild Animals From Your Home

The next step is removing the offenders. Our goal is always to remove the animals in a humane fashion. Homeowners who attempt to remove animals from their property often hurt one or more of the inhabitants, usually unintentionally, and sometimes hurt themselves too. We do not want anyone being hurt, which is why we recommend contacting us. Once removal is complete, we can also repair any damage caused by the animals and prevent them from coming back. For more information, call any of the four phone numbers: (763) 785-1414; (612) 237-8282; (952) 881-6662 or (651) 260-7378. We even offer 24/7 service!

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