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Hello Purrfect Pals! Sharing a six month update on Tyna (formerly Tina) and Kinta, adopted from the Renton PetSmart back in June. Please feel free to post to your Facebook page and other social media: “My how time flies! It’s been six months since I adopted the senior bonded pair Tyna (formerly Tina) and Kinta from Purrfect Pals. What amazing, entertaining companions they have been! After showing disinterest in more than a dozen different playtime toys, Tyna decided a simple black shoelace is her favorite; there are now 5 scattered throughout the house. Kinta is making his way down to a healthy weight and has become more energetic and agile. He creates a cute distraction now that he can jump up on the work desk. One of these days Kinta will be able to take on the fierce, feisty Tyna! Thank you again Purrfect Pals for watching over these two until we found each other.”

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