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Gemma and Palani are two very special cats that have touched the hearts of RCR volunteers. Both are young cats who came into care with special needs that resulted in amputation surgeries.

Gemma is a sweet young cat who was rescued just a few days before giving birth to a litter of kittens. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur but that resolved on its own once her kittens were weaned. Unfortunately, Gemma had other issues to overcome. She started having mobility issues and it was determined that she was missing the 4th bone in each of her toes on her one back leg, possibly a congenital condition or else trauma. At that time, we agreed with the vet’s recommendation to shave the cutaneous horns to align them with the other toes. While we were optimistic, it soon became apparent that Gemma was still in considerable pain when walking, essentially stepping right on bone.

A vet specializing in mobility and rehabilitation was consulted and recommended amputation of the limb at the hip to give Gemma her best chance at a pain free life. Gemma recently had the surgery and has been rocking her recovery, surprising her dedicated foster family with her quick adaption to life with 3 limbs. Gemma will soon be fully healed and ready for a forever home.

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