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The average cat uses the litter box three to five times a day. It would make sense that something that is used so frequently on a daily basis requires that we humans put a lot of thought into it. Unfortunately, cat guardians often select a litter box for all the wrong reasons – or at least for the wrong reasons from the cat’s perspective. Choosing the wrong litter box can have dire consequences for cats: litter box avoidance is one of the main reasons why many cats are surrendered to shelters.

For most cats, the best litter box is one that is simple, open and roomy. High sides are a plus for litter kickers and vertical pee’ers. And since a litter box should never be hidden away in a dark corner. If it’s hard to get to, your cat won’t use it. So while appearance may not matter to the cat, it does matter to most cat parents.

The Tuft + Paw Cover Litter Box meets all these requirements in a beautifully designed package.


Cove litter box features

The Cove is generously sized at 16”W x 26”D x 6.5”H. The 8” shelter wall accessory can be added for more height. The actual litter area is 14”W x 20”D x 6”H (without the shelter wall.) With the shelter wall inserted, this is the highest litter box I’ve been able to find.

The Cove is made out out of an anti-stick plastic that’s easy to wipe clean. A hidden handle and soft rubber bottom makes lifting and moving the litter box easy. The base material is a slightly grippy plastic to prevent the box from sliding on hard floors.

The integrated tool insert that holds the scoop and a litter brush is a nice touch.


My take on the Cove Litter Box

I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to try this box, because as far as I’m concerned, it checks all the boxes (pun intended) I look for in a litter box, and might even top our current favorite, the NVR Miss.

For more information and to order, visit Tuft + Paw. And while you’re there, take a look at all their other gorgeous products!

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