Tuesday Miracle! On Pets And Tricks

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​Such a great feeling! These two, their two siblings, and their mother are safe and sound!! They would not have lasted long where they were found, at the entrance to Wildcat Canyon Reg. Park.  A friend called me this morning in a panic. She’d seen them off the road, up a few steps, close to a wall of ivy.  I approached VERY slowly. With each step, I moved my carrier closer. I put a dish of food out and she smelled it.  If she ran off I might not have been able to catch her.

First miracle: she was calm and allowed me to pick her up and put her into the carrier.  However…! The babies were all connected to her and to each other by a long string. At first I’d thought it to be very tangled umbilical cords, but no…. They went into the carrier as one. Not too good, as damage may have been done when I picked the mom up.

Second miracle: no permanent damage had been done, it seems. One of the babies’ ankles was wrapped in one of the cords, and the foot had swollen. I was able to cut the string and untangle them all. 

Third miracle: I’d been leaving them alone as much as possible so as not to stress them, but, since the carrier was wet, I decided to move them into the big box I’d fixed up. Glad I did.  I discovered a fifth! Cold and wet! EEK! In a newborn, that condition can kill quickly. I warmed him up and dried him with the hair dryer on low…and have been giving him supplemental feeding. He’s smaller than the others, and was most certainly not getting his share of milk. But he has energy…haven’t seen him actually nursing yet, but he’s staying warm, and getting fed one way or t’other.

I spoke with my homeopathic vet who said to give the one with the swollen foot a high potency dose of Arnica Montana. Did that.  Because there was still wet blood, it seemed that the three undeveloped ones had been delivered recently, perhaps within a few hours, and so the foot had not probably been without circulating blood for too long. Fingers are crossed. 

The four are all healthy, about one day old, and nursing. the fifth is okay too…had just gotten away from mother’s warmth. Mother is lovely and sweet.  Mother ate a big meal with lots of supplements for milk flow, etc. She is probably dehydrated, but fluids can wait. I’ll call her Cibelli.

The three undeveloped ones will be buried…bless them.

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