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Top Squirrel Removal CompanySquirrels are one of the cuter critters in the area. We see them out every day, running across the street or climbing a tree. For the most part, they do not mean anyone any harm. However, just like humans, they look for shelter and food when the temperatures drop, and the weather gets severe. If squirrels find their way into your home, they can build a nest, reproduce and cause damage from their chewing. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. can locate and remove squirrels that have found their way indoors. We work hard to safely and humanely remove these critters without harming them when possible. After all, they are not purposefully causing trouble.

Professional Squirrel Removal Services In Minnesota

Squirrels are interesting creatures. They reproduce frequently and have two litters of babies a year. If they have nested in your attic, walls or garage, you can have a squirrel problem on your hands quickly. They also tend to chew vigorously. They may be searching for food, but when they are in your home, they can chew wiring, pipes, ducts, woodwork, and even ceilings. They are not picky! This can cause damage that is costly to repair. Squirrels can be difficult to locate and remove so we recommend hiring a professional animal control service like the team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management for assistance.

Our team can reach those areas in your home that are inaccessible but exactly where squirrels tend to hide. We will respond to your needs quickly, to minimize any damage caused by the unwanted guests and remove the squirrels immediately so that there is no opportunity for them to reproduce. We will also repair any damage that they left behind and repair the area so that it cannot be used for entry again in the future.

Safe and Humane Squirrel Removal Damage Repair And Prevention

Common signs that you might have squirrels in your home include strange noises in your ceiling or walls (scurrying, scratching or chewing), signs of squirrel droppings or a foul smell, chew marks on the outside of your home (roofline, shingles, etc.) and squirrel footprints. If you notice any of these signs, do not attempt to remove the squirrels on your own. Call our team at one of the following numbers: (763) 785-1414 • (612) 237-8282 • (952) 881-6662 • (651) 260-7378. We will remove them safely and humanely and prevent future squirrel infestations.

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