Top 5 Suggested Habits to Form as a Pet Parent from the Start

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Have you heard the expression that it’s easier to build new habits than change existing ones? Well, it also applies to habits you form as a pet parent! Making an effort to build good habits as a new pet parent will help ensure that your pet enjoys a long and happy life.

Invest in healthy, earth-friendly food

The food you feed your pet plays a huge role in their overall health, so you want to start them on high-quality food from day one. Freshpet is a great choice for pets in all stages of life, as we’re committed to keeping the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. This makes each recipe easy to digest, more nutritious, and of course, delicious. What’s more, Freshpet recipes are also more earth-friendly than other pet foods. More than half of the fresh ingredients that go into our recipes are sourced from within 200 miles of our kitchens and every bit of waste is reused, recycled, or transformed into energy. When it comes to packaging, we chose materials that are strong, light, and efficient, plus are completely free from BPA. To put it into perspective, we only use 2-10g of packaging per 30lb dog whereas other wet foods use between 80-120g of packaging per 30lb dog.
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