Tiny Joi Brings Joy — Regina Cat Rescue On Pets And Tricks

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RCR had an extremely busy summer that included many emergency rescues and we were always at maximum capacity. But when we were contacted about a tiny kitten with suspected Cerebellar Hypoplasia born to a pregnant cat who was dumped on a farm, we couldn’t say no.

This wee kitten has no use of her back legs, but she definitely has spunk and spirit! She is also incredibly sweet and loving, which came in handy when recruiting a special foster home for this special needs kitten. Little Joi was welcomed with loving arms into a foster home experienced with cats with special needs, and she has thrived.

Joi has been assessed at the Veterinary Mobility Center and placed on an exercise program to help her gain use of her back legs. It isn’t easy but she perseveres and makes progress daily, to the delight of her many RCR fans.

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