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Catnip is a herb that includes nepetalactone, an organic compound found in catnip plants’ leaves and stems. Catnip is a curious herb that appears to be enjoyed by many cats. It exists in two types: dried and fresh, and it’s an excellent place for your pet to enjoy some fun even while relaxing and offering health advantages.

Catnip can be used as a natural pesticide to keep rodents away from your garden, but it also has many other uses as well! In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about Catnip including how it works and what benefits it provides for cats.

Things You Should Know About Catnip Pet Care and

Table of Contents

  1. What Exactly Is Catnip?
  2. Can Catnip Make My Cat High?
  3. Why Do Cats Love Catnip So Much?
  4. Benefits Of Catnip
  5. What Type Of Catnip Is The Best?
  6. Conclusion

1. What Exactly Is Catnip

Catnip, also known as cat wort and mint, is a member of the Nepeta family. It has delicate pink or white flowers that can be found growing in loose branching patterns on soft stems with an earthy fragrance like no other plant out there!  The leaves are commonly used for tea because of the flavor they provide when brewed; in fact, all those who appreciate these delightful beverages have given this herb the nickname “cat’s delight.”  Cat lovers,  note down: studies reveal that the Catnip plant can lower blood pressure and combat anxiety, so not only would your beloved feline love you more if it drinks some catnips (though we doubt anyone could get enough) but we humans might as well!

Catnip is often confused with Catmint, which is a different Nepeta species. Catmint has larger leaves than Catnip but both plants are used in the same ways.

Native to Europe, Asia, and Africa but now found throughout North America for its pleasant smell cats wort or catnip has been used as a spice since ancient times. It was first discovered by Egyptians who would use it in their religious rituals. It is also mentioned that Cleopatra had this herb at her garden parties!

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2. Can Catnip Make My Cat High?

No, catnip has no psychoactive effect on your cat whatsoever though some people may think otherwise! It’s often used as a recreational drug due to its ability to relax both humans and cats, but it must be noted that Catnip is not illegal in most places. The only difference between Catnip and marijuana or other drugs is Catnip does not make you high like change to as those other plants do.

The scent of Catnip can be described as pungent with a strong, musky smell that cats seem to really enjoy the most (and some humans too). Cat’s react differently when exposed to Catnip depending on their age, gender, and health status.

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3. Why Do Cats Love Catnip So Much?

All cats have a special gene that is responsible for detecting the scent of Catnip and reacting to it. It’s even more likely they will go crazy for this herb if their ancestors were from wilder areas where Catnip grows! In fact, most domesticated or house kitties are not as sensitive to Catnip as those who live outside in the wilderness due to breeding over time.

Pheromones are chemicals that trigger an attractant response in cats. If you give your cat some catnip, they will be irresistibly drawn towards it and want more because of these powerful pheromone effects! Pheromones are powerful and drastically affect the behavior of living organisms. Because cats can’t help but react with an attractant pheromone when they come into contact with catnip, it’s no wonder these two things go hand in the paw!

Catnip can also be used as a natural pesticide around your garden because it deters rodents such as moles and mice- which means you get two benefits with one plant! Cats love cat nips so much because Catnip acts on receptors found mostly in a cat’s brain but while Catnip is safe for cats, there are some things to keep in mind while you’re both you both are enjoying this herb. For example:

Catnip can make your cat hyperactive if they eat too much overeat of it. So, be sure not to give them more than a small amount at once!

Cats who have been spayed or neutered will usually react less strongly when exposed to Catnip since their sex drive has already been reduced by the surgery. This means that male cats may still get excited about Catnip even after having the procedure done because their sexual desires remain intact.

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4. Benefits Of Catnip

  • Catnip is a fun herb for humans and cats alike! It’s safe to use around your furry friends since it doesn’t pose any danger.
  • Catnip also stimulates the appetite in felines, which means you can give this as a treat before mealtime too if they’re not interested in cat food!
  • Catnip can also be used as a natural pesticide around your garden since it’s been found to deter mice and other small rodents from destroying plants.
  • Catnip can help reduce inflammation or swelling when applied topically to the skin.
  • Catnip is also thought to be an effective treatment for fevers, headaches, and other minor aches in cats.

When Catnip is ingested by cats, they have an intense reaction that usually lasts for ten minutes before their senses return to normal again–and after the initial exposure ends, cats will usually act normally for about ten minutes before they return to Catnip again. Cats can also experience this reaction multiple times in one day so plan accordingly!

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5. What Type Of Catnip Is The Best?

There are different Catnip products sold in pet stores these days, which means there is a Catnip product for every cat! Cats who don’t react to Catnip at all may enjoy the pouches of dried Catnips that you can sprinkle on their toys or scratching posts instead.

Cats who go crazy for Catnip might prefer Catnip toys that are stuffed with dried Catnips or Catnip-infused fabric for them to play with. They’ll love the way it feels in their mouth and paws!

Cats who just want a little taste of Catnip without all the fuss will enjoy Catmint sprays because they can smell Catnip without eating it. Catmint sprays are perfect for cats who have to be on a special diet or avoid Catnips because of allergies!

Catnip spray is also great for older cats who may not be as interested in Cat Nips anymore because of age. Catmint sprays can even be used to keep rodents away from your garden and yard, which means you won’t have to worry about them eating up all your plants while cats are around!


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6. Conclusion

Catnip is a fun herb for humans and cats alike! Cats seem to love Catnips so much because Catnip acts on receptors found mostly in their brains. When they come into contact with the herb, it also produces an irresistibly enticing pheromone effect, causing them to play with it like crazy.

Before giving your cat catnip, consult your veterinarian. Catnip should not be fed to cats who are unwell or pregnant.

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