The Lights Are On . . . On Pets And Tricks

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. . . But is anyone at home?

After the second episode of Match 3, I’m truly questioning my own sanity! The kind of mayhem, from the celebrities, that I have had to stomach, gives me a bellyache, just thinking about it.

Yet, the challenges continue. I don’t know if any of you noticed but I was conspicuous by my absence last Friday, while episode 2 was being aired. Let me explain . . . I had an all-day meeting with the ‘powers that be’ in California.

You see, being associated with a hit show tends to bring out the lunatic fringe . . . It seems my executive producer (Sundance) has gone ‘game show’ mad and cannot stop pitching shows to the Big Toms in Hollywood. (And the horrendous part about this is, he always wants me along for the ride! 🙀) Well, this time he has gone too far!

His latest idea (and tell me if you think this will fly or not?) is a show he is calling ‘Feeding Time At The Reptile House’! 🤯🤯🤯 Have you ever . . in all your lives . . ?

First of all, let me put this in plain meow, my personal opinion of certain reptiles is . . . I HATE THEM ALL!!!

The last contestant, my good furriend Kiki, has a strange habit of sending me tweets of ‘cute lizards’! It has me running for the hills. And now to be subjected to hosting a show involved with feeding these creatures!!! I will NOT do it.

There was talk of a pet version of ‘The Dating Game’ but to be honest that was my sisfur’s lame attempt to corner LG on national television. He would never fall for such a ploy. Not even for all the lighted mirrors in the world.

The Lights Are On On Pets And Tricks

So, while I find the ‘Feeding Lizards Show’ an absolutely ridiculous suggestion, they want to make a pilot!

Fortunately, I’m very busy with the next Match 3 episode. And corralling the latest contestant and celebrities is as exhausting as you can imagine. I doubt very much that the new game show, from my Pops, will ever see the light of day. (Despite the fact that the studio has been rewired after Reginald’s destructive nibbling of the electrical wires).

Oh no . . . Sundance has just informed me about the bucket-load of treats the sponsors are throwing at us to make this show!


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