The Best Cat Memes of All Time

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I think we can all agree that there are two things in life that we can’t live without – Cats & Memes. We recently partnered with our friends at to compile a list of the best cat memes of all time.

1. Happy Cat (I Can Has Cheezburger)


I Can Has Cheezburger Blog Leads to a Web Empire - The New York Times

All of them became more popular about the same time, LOLcats, Caturday and I can Has Cheezborger (ICHC), as part of a series of cats using the lolspeak—a comical form of broken English. In 2007 ICHC was formed by the blogger of Hawaii, Eric Nakagawa, and Kari Unebasami, his girlfriend.


2. Grumpy Cat Meme

Grumpy Cat | Know Your Meme

Maybe Grumpy’s the internet cat’s most famous celebrity. She was so renowned in fact that her own brand of coffee drinks named “Grumppuccino” was just unveiled. In 2012, Grumpy began Reddit when somebody posted photographs of her that rapidly became cat memes.


3. I Should Buy a Boat

I Should Buy a Boat Cat | Know Your Meme

This meme is one of Pet Naturalsfavorites. Boat cat is also referred to as “Sophisticated Cat” and has transformed it in more than one office e-mail. The blatant comment and the ascot are only part of the humor and are what makes it so popular. Sophisticated cat has an anthropomorphic quality, as is standing cat, that lends the signature of cats.


4. Invisible Bike Cat

Invisible Bike | Know Your Meme

The invisible bicycle cat inspired a wide range of Invisible X songs, including High Jump Invisible, Invisible Cart, and Invisible Sandwich. A full photo gallery of some of the best can be viewed online at MSN.


5. Colonel Meow Meme

I had fun once. It was awful." | Colonel Meow | Know Your Meme

Due to his magnificent look and a number of titles we chose Colonel Meow. We selected him. He is so popular that Colonel Meow was interviewed by Anderson Cooper.


6. Chemistry Cat Meme

Chemistry Cat | Know Your Meme

Nobody knows where the image comes from, but it has become a meme that offers seekers plenty of opportunities to play corny jokes on chemistry and science.


7. Restraining Cat Meme

Restraining Cat Meme Explains How Felines Get Their Legendary Cool

This lovely meme has one cat that appears to hold another in the same direction. As you may imagine, Restraining Cat has an apparently boundless range of possible meme subtitles. Besides the title above, one of our favorites says: “Do not pursue the laser, Carl. This is what people want.”


8. Business Cat Meme

Business Cat Meme Generator - Imgflip

Business cat is a classic and cannot be abandoned. Anxiety Cat and Lenin Cat are similar memes.


9. Ceiling Cat Meme

ceiling cat Blank Template - Imgflip

This popular cat meme has a feline look through a ceiling hole. In fact, this meme created a similar figure called “Basement Cat.” Fans of this hybrid may be astonished to hear that Ceiling Cat looks through the hole of a rock sheet instead of a true ceiling.


10. Hipster Kitty Meme

Hipster Kitty | Meme Generator

Hipsters may deem this “too popular” meme, particularly as Hipster Kitty has liked it hundreds of times and been re-blogged. This series “did more than 800 versions and is on the semi-god level,” says Know Your Meme. And this series. We like this because Craig Wheat is the ideal context for the parodying of Hipster culture. It was produced by the Portland-based artist.


This article was written as part of our Just for Fun series. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions for articles, stories, or to feature your fluffy feline on our blog!

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