Springtime Wildlife Problems In The Twin Cities On Pets And Tricks

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Springtime Wildlife Problems In The Twin CitiesHomeowners typically have more issues and encounters with local wildlife in the springtime. Since this is the season when many new animals are born, there will be a lot of new animals to watch out for around the home. Despite the homeowner’s best efforts, it’s still possible for wild animals to get inside the home or to get close enough to the home to become a nuisance. At this point, it’s a good idea for the homeowner to contact a wildlife removal specialist. This specialist understands how to remove many different types of wildlife quickly and safely.

Raccoons are typically very smart and will find a way into the trash. If possible, they’ll get into a home to try to find something to eat. Raccoons can carry rabies and can attack if they feel they’re cornered.

Squirrels are going to be more interested in getting into a bird feeder or getting any fruit that’s growing. They can chew their way into the attic if they’re looking for a safe place to live.

Bats can get into tiny spaces and find their way into an attic. They can carry a variety of diseases, which can be transmitted through their droppings. This can be a health hazard for anyone inside the home.

Preventing Wildlife Issues During Spring

Many pests can be stopped from getting into the home to try to nest during the spring months. Understanding wild animal behavior during spring and what wild animals might look for can help homeowners prepare their home so pests cannot get inside. A few tasks to do include the following:

● Trim Branches – Trim tree branches so there’s not an easy way to get from the tree to the top of the home and into the attic.
● Clean the Gutters – Clean the gutters so they work properly and do not look like a good place for an animal to nest.
● Fill Any Holes or Damage – Any holes or damage can be an easy way into a home for wild animals. Fix any holes or damage found to make it more difficult to get inside the home.

What To Do About Wild Animal Issues In The Twin Cities

Never try to handle wild animals on your own. This leaves you susceptible to injuries and diseases. Instead, if you have any wildlife problems in spring, contact Minnesota Wild Animal Management right away. They can help you remove the wild animals from in or around your Twin Cities home and ensure you won’t have to deal with the animals getting back into your home. Contact us today to learn more about how to protect your home from wildlife during spring. Call (763) 232-7296 for immediate service 24/7.

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