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Snake Removal Services In Your HomeMany of us are afraid of snakes. The fear is understandable – since we were kids, we have been told that they are dangerous. The truth is, however, at least in Minnesota, there is only one type of poisonous snake – the Timber Rattlesnake. This snake is only found in one area of Southeastern Minnesota. Other snakes can bite, but they will not harm you. Regardless of this fact, if you see a snake in your home, garage or attic, you likely want it removed ASAP! Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. understands that no one wants to share space with snakes. So, we offer safe and humane snake removal services.

Wild Animal Removal Services In Minnesota

Snakes are generally not at all aggressive toward humans and will not attack unless they feel threatened. The problem is, you may not realize that you are threatening them–or that they are even around. They can blend into the outdoor environment and hide in small places around your home. They can be found outdoors in your garden or lawn areas, under rocks, underneath a deck or porch or even in your garage. Snakes can nest in and around your home and have babies, which can create a larger problem for you. In addition to removing the snake (or snakes) that we find, we will also do a thorough assessment of your property and help seal off areas that we think are vulnerable to entry by snakes or other wild animals.

Experience Professional Snake Removal Specialists

Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. has the skills, experience and tools to remove snakes and other wild animals quickly. We are responsive to our clients and realize that if we do not respond quickly, it may be much more difficult to locate the creature. That is one of the reasons that we offer 24/7 wild animal removal services. We understand that the fear of snakes is real and if you find that you are sharing space with one, you want it out of your home, whether that is at night, during a weekend or even on a holiday. We will respond to your needs immediately. Our team takes customer service seriously and has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. For more information about our snake removal services, give us a call at one of the following numbers: (763) 785-1414 • (612) 237-8282 • (952) 881-6662 • (651) 260-7378.

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