Silvervine vs Catnip — Which One Is Best for My Cat?

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Silvervine vs catnip — what are they and how do they affect our kitties? We don’t know about you, but we are always on the lookout for new ways to enrich and entertain our Fluffy Yoda. On this blog, we love to research the best accessories for our kitties’ lives, from the best beds and trees to treats and toys. And catnip toys have always been a hit. Twitching tails, dilated pupils & hours of fun — most of us have some experience of our kitties playing with this funny substance. But what actually is catnip? What is it about this mysterious plant that makes our cats go so wild? 
catnip vs silvervine
And then there’s silvervine, a less well-known stimulant that’s causing waves in the cat world. So we’re wondering… Do cats love silvervine like they do catnip?

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