Seventeen Long-Haired Cat Breeds You’ll Totally Fall in Love With

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   These long-haired cat breeds have a lot more going for them than a beautiful coat. Seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll fall in love with. If you’re looking for a cat with long hair that’s both playful and affectionate or wavy and wispy, this list has something for you.

   Who doesn’t like a cat with lush, silky fur?

   You can’t help but fall in love with lengthy fur. While many breeds have both long- and short-haired varieties, the cats with a lot of furs have a specific attraction because of their splendor and different appearances.

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   Many people think of Persians when they hear the word “long-haired,” but there are many more beautiful long-haired cats out there than you may think.

   You can discover more about the most prevalent long-haired cat breeds by reading on.

   We will talk about seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll totally fall in love with:-

In the United States, this is known as a “bob

American bobtails, as the name implies, have bobbed tails and long hair. They may be active and energetic cats, and they can build close relationships with their owners.


This active and gregarious cat has a gorgeous medium-length, silky coat that doesn’t tangle. Large-to-medium-sized, Birmans may be seen in a range of colors—often with expressive blue eyes.


For this friendly and mild-tempered cat, calm and peaceful surroundings are ideal. In general, the Himalayan cat has a lighter-colored body with darker hair on its face and tail.

   They have a huge, round head, small ears, and a short snout that resemble Persian cats. They can only have blue eyes!

Bobtail in Japanese

In addition to enjoying playing fetch (does this sound similar, dog lovers?), this energetic cat breed is very gregarious and has a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years on average.

   These medium-sized, multi-patterned, and multi-colored dogs from Japan often weigh little more than 10 pounds. Cats of this kind are said to bring good fortune and success.


In keeping with their name, LaPerms have curly coats that come in a variety of lengths, from long waves to short and tight curls, depending on the individual.

   These cats are devoted to their owners and like receiving affection. They like being around people and may frequently be seen curled up on a lap with their owners.

Also, we choose another breed from seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll totally fall in love with.

Coons of Maine

Their long, shaggy coats and bushy tails make Maine coon cats the biggest domestic cat breed.

    Brown tabbies and orange tabbies are the most frequent hues of tabbies, although they may also be found in a variety of other colors.

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Seventeen Long Haired Cat Breeds Youll Totally Fall in Love With


This big to medium-sized cat comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and may have either long or short fur.

   The absence of a tail is the most striking physical feature of the Manx. As much as they like cuddling next to you on the couch, they love following you around the house, learning tricks, and playing fetch. It’s not a good idea to let these cats alone for lengthy periods.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is endemic to Norway.

   They may weigh up to 16 pounds, and they love to run around and explore your house. With their owners, Norwegian forest cats tend to be sociable, but less so with visitors.

   Cats like these don’t necessarily require a lot of attention since they’re happy just to hang out with their owners and other pets in the same room as them.


The round face and small snout of these long-haired cats are well-known characteristics of the breed.

   They’re generally pleasant and spend much of their time sunning. A male Persian can weigh as much as 12 pounds, whereas a female typically weighs between 8 and 12 pounds.


   These amiable brown spotted tabby cats are suitable as housecats because of their outgoing nature.  

   Adults and children alike will find Pixie-Bobs to be clever and lively companions. They come in both long and short hair varieties, and males have been known to grow to be as huge as 17 pounds!

   We can write more and more about cat breeds, but as we mentioned, we chose seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll totally fall in love with.


Even though they may weigh up to 20 pounds, Ragamuffin cats are gentle giants that thrive on attention and affection.

   Cats and dogs alike can get along with them, and their placid temperaments make them excellent companions for families.

   Ragamuffin cats come in a wide range of hues and patterns, from white and black to chocolate and cinnamon.

1648245967 401 Seventeen Long Haired Cat Breeds Youll Totally Fall in Love With


   It’s common to see this medium-sized feline in brighter tones and with long, silky hair. Ragdoll cats are known for their devotion, intelligence, and playfulness.

   They are excellent lap and bed cats. They’re usually happy to be picked up and held, and their name comes from the fact that they typically fall asleep in the arms of the person they’re with. They’re ideal pets for families with kids because of this and their loving personalities!

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fold in Scotland

   To keep their minds active, Scottish folds love playing with toys that require them to solve a puzzle. They like to be around people, so don’t leave them alone for too long.

   Their distinctive folded ears are what give these cats their name, and they come in a wide range of hues, including white, black, red, and cream.

The Selkirk Rex

   Depending on the breed, Selkirk Rex cats may have straight or curly hair, and they can be longhair or shorthair.

   Cats of this breed are recognized for their thick coats and their amiable demeanor toward humans.

   These adorable felines generally get along with other pets, including dogs and cats, and they can easily adapt to a variety of living conditions.

1648245967 334 Seventeen Long Haired Cat Breeds Youll Totally Fall in Love With


   Cats belonging to the Siberian breed have medium-length coats and may weigh up to 17 pounds.

   They’ll follow you around the home and crawl onto your lap when you sit down in a chair, showing you how nice and affectionate they are.

   Playing catch, learning tricks, and climbing to a high spot in any room for a nice perch are some of the favorite pastimes of this energetic breed.

Angora from Turkey

   In the Ankara area of Turkey, this medium and big cat breed was domesticated as early as the 17th century.

    There is a great bit of care required for their lengthy fur coat, and they shed a lot. Playful, loving, and loyal, Turkish Angoras are a great breed.

A Turkish lorry

   Known for its magnificent white coat and black markings on the head and tail, this gorgeous cat deserves all the praise it gets.

   It is well knowledge that Turkish vans are friendly and inquisitive animals, always wanting to see what their owners are up to.

   Turkish vans come in a variety of colors, from red and cream to black and blue, and even a patchwork of numerous different hues.

   At the end of a topic seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll totally fall in love with, and for more information for cat lovers, I want to point out some things that you should apply with this breed:

1648245967 394 Seventeen Long Haired Cat Breeds Youll Totally Fall in Love With

How to Take Care of Cats with Long Coats

   With their long, thick manes, these cats may need a little more grooming attention. Your cat’s coat will look its best if you use a few specific grooming procedures.


   Cats of all shapes and sizes benefit from frequent brushing, but long-haired felines need it the most.

   It is recommended that you brush your cat at least once a day to avoid mats and minimize cat dander and hair flying around the home.


   In general, cats are self-cleaning, so you won’t have to wash your pet very frequently. Even if you don’t want to poison your cat, you’ll want to remove any hazardous or filthy substances from your cat’s environment as fast as possible.

   It is especially important to bathe long-haired breeds regularly to keep their coats free of mats.

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   I would also like to point out at the end of a topic seventeen long-haired cat breeds you’ll totally fall in love with and for more information for cat lovers, some differences between two types of cats:

Bobtail in Japanese

   Japanese bobtails have been around for millennia, a short-tailed cat native to the country of Japan. There are no two bobtails exactly similar.

   According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, their tails are as distinctive as a human’s fingerprints. One of the most distinctive features of this kind of cat is its tail.

   The tail can’t be longer than 3 inches in any shape or form. In 1968, this breed arrived in the United States.

1648245967 50 Seventeen Long Haired Cat Breeds Youll Totally Fall in Love With

In the United States, this is known as a “bob

   Despite his wild appearance, the American bobtail is a tamed cat. The tail of this huge, strong breed is naturally short.

   His tail, even if it is small, should be straight and without any kinks or curved sections.

  Between 2 and 4 inches is the normal length of the tail of an American bobtail, however, some tails are a few inches less or longer than that.

   According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, both truck drivers and psychotherapists have used American bobtails as work companions.

   If they are exposed to the lifestyle at an early age, American bobtails like riding in huge rigs, and therapists appreciate them because they are attentive to disturbed humans.

Possibly a statuette of a cat with its paw outstretched in the air.

   Symbols of good fortune feature a Japanese Bobtail, which has a long history and tradition in Japan.

   Rats have plagued Japan’s silks, scrolls, and even the city’s streets at various stages in its history.

   The distinctive tail, long legs, and tri-colored coat of a Japanese Bobtail may be used to identify it.

   Because of their amiable and gregarious natures, they have become popular house cats in recent years.

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