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I have called this press conference to explain the rumours that are circulating lately. After last week’s ‘behind the scenes, tell-all’ exposé of my life as host of a successful game show, I have had a tremendously stressful time of it, this week.

Scandal thejoyofcats On Pets And Tricks

There have been threats of blackmail and public humiliation! Can you believe it?!!

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, ‘what could Tibbs, possibly, be blackmailed for?’ My life is an open book, after all. Yet there was a time in my teenagery, kittenhood when I was forced to engage in some questionable conduct to pay the bills.

I have had to seek counsel from a reputable International PR firm (G & C Media Communications) who have advised me to come clean, so that this conniving scoundrel cannot get away with his diabolical subterfuge.

If I can first read the statement that has been prepared, I will answer any further questions, as they come in . . .

I would like to humbly apologize to everyone working at the game show ‘Match 3’. What I am about to divulge has nothing to do with the Tom I am today but unfortunately it is a part of my past lives. You, all, are wonderful people who bring their best, every day, in order to put on the greatest show possible. I thank everyone and hope we can continue with the show indefinitely.

I, especially, need to ask forgiveness of my wife, the lovely (& long-suffering), Cleopatra. She has gone into hiding because of this scandal that I have brought about. Please, give her the space she needs to process this and do not blame her for any of my actions. She is totally innocent in all this.

It is with deep sorrow and embarrassment that I must confess to everyone who loves and cares about me, including my fans, what transpired when I was young and foolish. I prostrate myself before you all and ask that you do not judge me too harshly.

When I was still a bachelor, I was what they call ‘a bit of a lad’. Yes, some would meow, ‘wayward and reckless’. I hold my paw up to this description. I had no cares in the world and was more than happy to live a Tomcat’s life.

Through a series of events, it came to pass, that I made a few soft-core naughty movies! 🙀🙀 Yes, I . . . Marcus Antonius Tibbs was a pawn star!

I can assure you, I never went commando in these films but there are a couple of movies out there that I would not want the younger generation to witness. Here are the posters!

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1653453366 905 Scandal thejoyofcats On Pets And Tricks

I can only apologize to those who I may have disappointed with this revelation. (At the time, I thought the ‘thongs’ were integral to the plots but in hindsight I can admit it may have been a mistake).

Thank you all, for your support, both in the past and presently. I cannot guarantee that I won’t bring further shame to myself or others. But I can assure you that there will never be a dull moment, with me at the helm.

Now . . . Any questions . . . ?

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