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Few things are more upsetting to cat parents than the thought of a beloved cat having to spend any time in the hospital, even if it’s only for a few hours before and after an outpatient procedure. And it’s pretty stressful for cats, too, especially if a clinic is not feline-only or doesn’t have a separate cat ward if it’s a mixed practice.

Veterinary staff often drape cat cages with towels to make kitties feel safer, but that makes it hard to monitor them, and every time the towel has to be lifted, the cat will be startled and stressed all over again. The Patient Privacy Screen from the makers of Sheer Fun for Cats offers a way for cats to feel safe while veterinary staff can still visually monitor them.

If you’re not familiar with Sheer Fun for Cats, it’s an interactive toy that stimulates a cat’s natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk and pounce. Read our full review here.


Patient Privacy Screen features

This 16” x 16” see through screen attaches to the front of the cage using ties. It can be used in place of or in addition to a towel. Cats will be able to see through the screen (it’s like a sheer curtain,) but will feel protected. The screen can be machine washed and dried. The Patient Privacy Screen is made in the USA.


Inspired by a feral cat

The Patient Privacy Screen was inspired by Sheer Fun for Cats inventor Carolyn Keene when she adopted a feral cat who could not be released. “Every time I would walk into the bedroom, he would run behind the Sheer Fun for Cats that was hanging off a table. I’m thinking he felt hidden and safe there,” said Carolyn. She started sending Sheer Fun for Cats to rescues for new intakes, and some vets started using them, too, so she made a less expensive, simpler version.

A testimonial from a veterinary technician

“With the Patient Privacy Screen, there is no need to cover the entire kennel door as the patients feel safe with only their faces behind the screen. Not having to cover the whole door with a towel, and because the PPS allows for the light to go through, this provides a more stable brightness of the environment and will enable us to monitor our patients visually while respecting their privacy. Additionally to improving patient well being by reducing stress, the PPS costs less than a towel and can be laundered with our regular laundry. We can now use the towels as bedding instead of using them like a curtain. I wish I had discovered this product sooner, as this has elevated our standard of care. I highly recommend it for your patients.” – Daniel H., RVT

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