Puppy School: What Is Puppy Kindergarten? On Pets And Tricks

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You have a new eight-week-old puppy and want to ensure that he’s given every advantage. Of course, you want him to have some basic obedience training. 

But you wonder whether you should wait to enroll him until he’s older. Or should you start now and enroll him in puppy school?

I’ve taught puppy kindergarten classes for over 25 years. And I’ve taken puppies that I’ve raised to puppy K too. 

Most basic and advanced obedience classes after puppy kindergarten teach mainly obedience commands for dogs who are at least six months old.

Puppy School - brittany spaniel on bed with notebook

But classes at any puppy school should cover so much more. 

In this article, I’ll describe why it’s very important to take your young puppy to puppy K. 

A well-run puppy class can give your pup a “paw up” in his development. And it can teach him skills that will last a lifetime.

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