Puppy Routine: How To Make a Daily Schedule for Your Puppy On Pets And Tricks

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Congratulations! You have a new puppy and have so much to do. 

Housetraining, crate training, exercise, vaccinations, play, socialization–and more. Your head is swimming with all that’s required for your furry addition to meet his potential.

You can do it! But don’t forget another important piece of the puzzle to raising a well-rounded puppy: creating a puppy routine. 

It’s important to make a daily schedule for your puppy. Puppies thrive with routine.

Puppy Daily Routine - tri-color puppy lying on ground

It also helps them understand what’s expected of them and to feel secure and confident. And he’ll adjust to his new life when there’s a schedule. 

Remember: he was either with his littermates and mother or in a shelter or foster home before entering your new world. 

So a daily schedule will make him feel more secure than if everything in his new environment is haphazard–and therefore scary in his view. 

And it may lessen the chance that he’ll develop separation anxiety.

A schedule will also help your family be less stressed. 

And it will make your family be participants in the puppy’s development. This is something to be proud of–in addition to being amazing to watch unfold. 

Also, having a list of who’s performing what tasks regarding the puppy will take the stress off of any one individual being solely responsible. 

As a bonus: everyone who takes responsibility for your puppy will have a better bond with him. 

So scheduling is a win for you and a win for your puppy!

When I get a new puppy, my husband and I both have set duties regarding who does what tasks that are required and when. Of course, we adjust them when required by our schedules.

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