Puppy Playtime: Why It’s Important and What’s Appropriate On Pets And Tricks

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Your new puppy wants to play. And play. It’s so cute when he dips down, yips, and runs around the room. But when is puppy playtime appropriate and when are puppies getting too rough and crazy?

My Aussie mix puppy Millie had boundless energy. She would zoom around the family room, enticing her canine siblings to chase her. 

She would play “bitey face” with Ralphie, the Lhasa apso. 

And she would bring toys, dropping them at my feet, enticing me to play.

Puppy Playtime - German Shepherd puppies playing

All of this was normal puppy behavior. 

In this article, I’ll discuss why puppy play is very important. And what type of play is appropriate and what’s inappropriate.

I’ll also discuss the three types of play: with us, with other puppies, and a puppy playing by himself.

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