Prevent Squirrels From Entering Your Home

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Prevent Squirrels From Entering Your HomeWhen the temperatures turn cold in Minnesota, we tend to spend much more time indoors in order to stay warm (and dry). This is also the time when the squirrels that we are used to seeing scurrying across the streets are also seeking a warm and dry place to call home for the winter. If your home has a vulnerable access point or area where they can easily slip in, you may find that you are suddenly sharing your attic or garage with a family of squirrels. The squirrels mean no harm to you or your family, but they can cause damage and bring in bacteria and dirt. Minnesota Wild Animal Management can safely and humanely remove the squirrels in your home so that you can rest easy knowing that your home is your own!

Safe And Humane Squirrel Removal

There are three different species of squirrels that you can find living in the Minnesota area: red squirrels, gray squirrels and flying squirrels. Squirrels have multiple litters a year so you will never just have one squirrel living in your home. They like to nest and soon, you will have many squirrels sharing your space. It is important to have them removed professionally as quickly as possible. These critters like to chew and can damage wiring, siding, vents, and other areas of your home. This damage can be expensive to repair the longer they are there. They will also leave feces and urine in the space they live, which will need to be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized effectively.

Minnesota Wild Animal Management has the experience, tools and equipment to safely remove the squirrels that are living in your home (no matter where they may be hiding), sanitize the area so that you and your family are not exposed to the bacteria and filth they leave behind. Finally, we are not finished until we find the area where the squirrels entered your home and repair any damage left behind. We will make sure that squirrels cannot re-enter your home in the future.

24/7 Squirrel Removal Services

Our crew cares about the creatures that enter our living spaces and realize that they are not intending to cause any problems for us. We make every effort to remove squirrels and other wild animals safely and humanely, while leaving your home clean and wild animal free. For more information about our round the clock wild animal removal services, call us at (612) 237-8282.

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