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Petlibro Automatic Feeders Water Fountains Provide A Modern Approach

Food and water are essentials every kitty needs. But food bowls empty fast, and water bowls can be so boring! With Petlibro’s Granary Automatic Cat Feeders and Capsule Water Fountain, you can give your cats a fun, modern dining experience that’s both stylish and clean. And while your feline dears are happily munching and lapping from their fancy feeder and fountain, you can rest assured the kitties will always have fresh food and water whether you’re at work, traveling, or just trying to get a good night’s sleep!

Petlibro Granary Automatic Cat Feeder

Granary Automatic Feeder
  • Voice record feature means cats come running to a familiar call
  • Easily schedule when food dispenses so kitties never miss a meal 
  • Fully-sealed design keeps food fresh and free of contaminants 
  • Infrared sensor keeps bowl from overfilling
  • Battery-backup ensures food still dispenses during power outages 

The Benefits of An Automatic Cat Feeder

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitty’s mealtime routine, check out the benefits of an automatic cat feeder:

  • Portion Control – If your kitty needs to watch their weight, automatic feeders can dish out the right amount of food at the right time.
  • Assurance for Travel – When you have to leave the kitties for a couple of days, automatic feeders ensure your cats have plenty of fresh food for your time away.
  • Convenience – With an automatic feeder, you can schedule your cat’s mealtimes. This means you won’t be the victim of hungry pouncing paws when you want to sleep in just a little longer!

Why You’ll Love the Petlibro Granary Automatic Feeders

Take control of your cat’s kibble love with timed feeding that allows for purrfect portioning. Easy touch buttons make programming a snap, and the transparent pane on the front of the food tank enables you to keep an eye on food levels. When it comes to cleanliness, every part of the Granary Automatic Feeder is not only sealed to prevent loss of moisture, but the design also keeps your cat’s food safe from pests, bacteria, and mold. Built-in infrared sensors also stop the feeder when obstructions are detected, keeping food from overspilling bowls.

1653561365 610 Petlibro Automatic Feeders Water Fountains Provide A Modern Approach

And here’s something fun! The voice feature helps your cat quickly acclimate to the feeder as they’ll hear your familiar call to dinner every time the food dispenses. You won’t have to worry about power outages either, as a battery backup ensures food still dispenses on time when the electricity goes out.

If you have more than one cat, the Granary Double Food Tray Feeder is excellent for multi-cat families. Take further control when you’re away from home with the Granary WIFI Feeder.

Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain

PETLIBRO Capsule Water Fountain
  • Whisper-quiet design emits less than 28dB
  • Five-level filtration and large filter size mean purified water 
  • Large 2.1L capacity container means fewer refills 
  • Two flow modes—flowing stream or gentle bubbles
  • Oval-shape makes for easy cleaning

The Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain

Did you know cats are more attracted to running water than the still puddle a water bowl offers? It’s true; feline instincts draw cats to flowing water for these reasons:

  • Running and flowing water carries a lower risk of containing harmful contaminants than still water sources in the wild.
  • Feline night vision sees moving water better than still water.
  • Cats can hear running water versus a nonmoving water dish or puddle.
  • Moving water tends to be more oxygenated, providing cats with a fresher tasting sip.

Not only do water fountains satiate the natural feline instincts, but they also encourage cats to drink more water. Proper hydration is a huge part of keeping kitties happy and healthy. Plus, watching the water cascade from the fountain can be so entertaining when you’re a cat!

1653561366 286 Petlibro Automatic Feeders Water Fountains Provide A Modern Approach

Why You’ll Love the Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain

Petlibro’s Capsule Water Fountain will fulfill your cat’s natural tendency toward running water while offering a clean, pure sip, thanks to the five-level filtration system. You can also expect a whisper-quiet experience as their patented water recirculation system emits less than twenty-eight decibels. And with a 2.1L tank capacity, you can rest assured your cat has plenty of water for the day.

Here’s something nifty about the Capsule Water Fountain your cat will love—you can choose from two water flow modes. The free-falling stream allows entertaining sipping, while the bubbling fountain allows a larger drinking area. Plus, the wide basin keeps whiskers from brushing the sides.

1653561366 280 Petlibro Automatic Feeders Water Fountains Provide A Modern Approach

While the tank is transparent for easy water level monitoring, the top tray is available in color options of blue, orange, purple, or green, so you can match the fountain to your home décor. Or, for just a few dollars more, you can upgrade the top tray to stainless steel.

With Petlibro’s Granary Automatic Feeders and Capsule Water Fountain for your cats, you’ve got a modern and clean approach to fulfilling your cat’s most basic needs! Visit Petlibro’s website to learn more about their fountains and feeders. When you shop from May 19 to June 19, use the dedicated discount code, iheartcats, to get 15% off your purchase!

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