People On Social Media Think A Cat Is Helping Ukrainian Soldiers Dodge Russian Sniper Fire – Pain In The Bud

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According to the legend of the “Panther of Kharkiv,” a vengeful house cat has been using his superior feline vision to spot the telltale red laser dots from sniper scopes and warn Ukrainian soldiers they’re targets before snipers can get off a shot. I imagine it goes something like this: “Dude, there’s a red dot on your face.” “You said that 42 times in the last hour.” “Well, it’s true. Give me my treat as a reward, otherwise I might forget to inform you next time.” “If I find out you’re lying…” “Treat, now! Thanks…Mmmm, that’s good. Oh look, there’s another red dot on your head! Quick, take cover and give me another snack!” Either that or kitty is just launching himself at Ukrainian foreheads, chasing the ever elusive red dot. Of course you don’t need us to tell you this viral social media story is nonsense, do you?

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