Paint My Pooch Custom Pet Phone Case Review On Pets And Tricks

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Some of you might be reading this title, thinking, “Paint My Pooch? Isn’t Cat Care Solutions about cats?” And you’d be right. Around here, though, we love all animals — and, thankfully, so does Paint My Pooch.

Recently, a member of their team reached out about sending me a custom pet phone case of Dizzy or Pips so I could review it for all of you. Naturally, I said yes.

Since I already had custom art of Dizzy, I thought it was Pips’ turn!

I didn’t really have any expectations, but what I received in the mail has impressed me in a big way.

If you have been on the hunt for a custom pet phone case, or custom pet art, you won’t want to miss all that Paint My Pooch offers.

Plus, their products make the perfect gifts for pet lovers of all kinds!

Spoiler alert: I love my new case so much that I am going to be giving one to a family member as a Christmas present this year. 🎁

Custom pet phone cases from Paint My Pooch - art so real you'd swear that you could pet them
cat care solutions pin me

Why choose Paint My Pooch?

We’re Paint My Pooch, a small design team passionate about all pets, big and small. When we opened our doors, there were two things that were important to us: Creating lasting memories for pet lovers across the globe, and giving back to the animal community.

About Us

Call me crazy, but I think it takes a real pet lover to fully capture the love and pride a pet parent has for their own fur-baby. The bond we share with our pets runs deep and it takes experiencing it to understand it, right?

I feel like Paint My Pooch does an incredible job of capturing that love in the art they create.

A few reasons why you’ll love their designs too…

  • They use sustainably sourced museum grade, fine art paper, that lasts up to 50 years without fading.
  • Their design team is award-winning and specializes in attention to detail
  • $1 from every order goes to an animal welfare initiative
  • Ordering is simple with help available if you have questions
  • They can feature up to 3 pets in their prints
  • Digital-only art is available
  • Multiple options available for their custom pet phone case

Paint My Pooch custom pet phone case of Pips

Best of all, they will amaze you with the lifelikeness of their handiwork.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the photo I sent them (left) with the custom pet phone case Paint My Pooch created (right) of my baby boy, Pips.

paint my pooch custom pet phone case review - side by side comparison

Isn’t that amazing? Look at those eyes! They captured him and his personality perfectly.

What options are available?

One of the things I love about their service is that you can do some customizing of your own.

At the time of this review, they offer 6 background colors for their cases. They are: white (like mine), charcoal, khaki, rust, sky, and pink.

Here’s a preview of those below:

preview of colors for the paint my pooch custom pet phone case colors
© Paint My Pooch

You can also select from 3 fonts for the display of your pet’s name.

color options from paint my pooch custom pet phone case

Ordering could not be simpler. If the picture you’ve chosen doesn’t work for what they need, they will contact you for another.

Following their image guidelines usually helps prevent this from happening, though.

Have more than one pet? They have options for 2 pets and 3 pets also available.

A couple of considerations about the case

As you can see in the image above, they offer an upgrade to a tough case. I do recommend this for the added protection of your phone.

One thing to be aware of is that you will still need a screen protector. At the time of this review, they do not offer a 2-piece case that comes with the screen guard.

Their tough case upgrade, however, does have a slightly raised silicone rim that prevents the screen from coming into direct contact with the surfaces you place it on.

I’m just a bit paranoid about my phone screen because I’ve had it shatter before, and that was no fun at all. If you’re the same way, keep this in mind.

Please also be sure to order the correct case for your make and model of phone. If you have concerns, please contact them before ordering.

My case was for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and it fits perfectly. No port holes are blocked and all buttons are fully functional with a nice rubberized material for extra grip.

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