New Animal-Themed T-Shirt Store #whiskerswednesday On Pets And Tricks

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It’s more of a wordy whiskers Wednesday today as Mum wants to tell you about her new online vegan clothing store.

tabby cat close up

If you are not interested in Mum’s creative business endevours feel free to see my stunning portrait above and move on.

However, if you’ve come here because you are looking for vegan-friendly, eco-friendly tees, tops and totes, with slogans to promote love and respect for all animals,  you may want to check out Mum’s Purrs Full of Love Shop, named after blog her of the same name, minus shop in title of course.

I feature on only one t-shirt so far – the Rescue Cats Rock boxy tee, here modelled by Mum Marie. As you can see, she turned me blue for this pen art design. I like how it really blends with the lovely blue shade of the product.

rescue cats rock t-shirt
Vegan t-shirt printed on 100% organic cotton 

I’ll let her tell you about it now.


Hi, Athena’s Mum Marie here!

I am delighted to have teamed up with ethical clothing ompany Teemill. Based on the Isle of Wight in the UK, and certified net carbon neutral, Teemill uses renewable energy in all their factories. By producing products with organic cotton, the sustainable supplier avoids chemicals that are made using fossil fuels. And as products and packaging are made from natural materials, they are plastic-free.


1654223779 537 New Animal Themed T Shirt Store whiskerswednesday On Pets And Tricks
Speaking up for animals with a vegan tee

Every product is designed to come back and be remade.This means when your item has worn out you can send it to Teemill to be recycled and made into new products. Even so, having sampled my designs, I can confirm that the quality of the finished product is amazing so I don’t feel they will need to be recyled any time soon.

As a vegan, and also nature lover, I am really pleased that Teemill products are vegan and cruelty-free, and  printed with eco-friendly dyes and with no animal-derived products or testing.

1654223779 951 New Animal Themed T Shirt Store whiskerswednesday On Pets And Tricks

Extended Free Shipping Queen’s Jubilee week from 9am Thursday to midnight Sunday. 

Every order will receive free UK shipping from 9am Thursday to midnight Sunday. 

Check out the Purrs Full of Love Shop here 

To learn more about Teemill, click here. 

New Animal Themed T Shirt Store whiskerswednesday On Pets And Tricks

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