Mother cat aggressive toward her kitten

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by Sarah


I wonder if anyone can help me or have and advice. I have 3 cats altogether. My one cat had a litter and I kept one from it. All my cats got along very well which is why I decided to keep one. My kitten is now 9 months old but the mother is starting to get aggressive towards her.

She only has to walk by and she hisses and claws her and growls. She hasn’t injured her up to now. And she does sometimes still groom her and sleep next to each other.

The kitten does follow her a lot so I’m wondering if it is just a matter of she needs space. Mother is totally fine with my other cat and the other cat is fine with the kitten. They have plenty of space and separate bowls, litter boxes, beds, and cat trees. Mam is an outdoor cat so she has space. They are all healthy.

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