More Randomness – The Island Cats…Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat! On Pets And Tricks

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You guys! Happy June! Wow, this year is zipping by, isn’t it?

Today I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that of stuff that’s been going on around here.

Ernie lying on the scratch lounge

Me on my Scratch Lounge. Y’know…I don’t scratch it much but I sure do a lot of lounging on it.

Close up of Ernie getting chin scritches

This picture is a little blurry but you can see how much I’m enjoying these chin scritches. Keep ’em coming, mom! Pure bliss!

Ernie lying on the bed

Not only do I lounge on the scratcher, I also do a lot of bed lounging as well.

Two swans in the water

The swans have been hanging around a lot. I’m sure this is the same swan couple we’ve been seeing since we moved here. Y’know…they didn’t build their nest in the same spot that they did the past couple of years, and we can’t figure out where their nest is.

Closer photo of two swans in the water

Usually, by this time, they bring their babies around. But we haven’t seen any yet.

Close up of two swans in the water

It’s always nice to see this lovely couple…and hopefully, their babies will be with them soon.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of random photos!


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