MLB 2022 Dog Friendly Baseball Games On Pets And Tricks

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PLAY BALL! They’re every dog’s favorite words. And what could be better than enjoying a dog friendly baseball game with your best friend? With the scent hotdogs and popcorn in the air, it’s basically a dog’s dream come true!

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Whether you’re catching a home game or following your favorite team on the road, below you’ll find Major League Baseball’s schedule of dog friendly baseball games for 2022.

Taking Your Dog To The Ballpark

Each year major and minor league ballparks across the country add more dog friendly baseball games to their schedules. During these special events, the stadiums usually reserve a section of the stands for people and their pets and a portion of the ticket sales generally benefits local shelters and rescues.

So, attending a dog friendly baseball game is a fantastic opportunity to make memories with your pup AND help your community. It’s a win-win!

Each team sets its own requirements for proof of vaccinations, weight limits, waivers, and what’s included in the ticket price. Be sure to visit their website or call the ticket office to confirm the details before purchasing your tickets.

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Is your pup ready to woof, woof, woof  for his favorite team? Make your plans now, because these tickets sell out fast. Or give your pooch a real treat and plan a pet friendly road trip to a bunch of dog friendly baseball games!

MLB 2022 Dog Friendly Baseball Games

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Saturday, April 9th vs the Padres
  • Atlanta Braves – Sunday, April 10th vs the Reds
  • New York Mets – Monday, April 18th vs the Giants
  • San Diego Padres – Monday, April 18th vs the Reds
  • Kansas City Royals – Tuesday, April 19th vs the Twins
  • Atlanta Braves – Sunday, April 24th vs the Marlins
  • Miami Marlins – Sunday, May 1st vs the Mariners
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Sunday, May 1st vs the Twins
  • Detroit Tigers – Tuesday, May 3rd vs the Pirates
  • Cincinnati Reds – Monday, May 9th vs the Brewers
  • Seattle Mariners – Monday, May 9th vs the Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, May 10th vs the Dodgers
  • Washington Nationals – Tuesday, May 10th vs the Mets
  • Las Angeles Dodgers – Saturday, May 14th vs the Phillies
  • New York Mets – Monday, May 16th vs the Cardinals
  • Kansas City Royals – Tuesday, May 17th vs the White Sox
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, May 24th vs the Rockies
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, May 28td vs the Rockies
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Tuesday, June 7th vs the Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, June 7th vs the Tigers
  • Cincinnati Reds – Wednesday, June 8th vs the Diamondbacks
  • Washington Nationals – Monday, June 13th vs the Braves
  • Miami Marlins – Sunday, June 26th vs the Mets
  • Seattle Mariners – Monday, June 27th vs the Orioles

July 15-19, 2022: All-Star Week


  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, August 2nd vs the Brewers
  • Washington Nationals – Friday, August 12th vs the Padres
  • Cincinnati Reds – Tuesday, August 16th vs the Padres
  • Seattle Mariners – Tuesday, August 23rd vs the Nationals
  • Houston Astros – Sunday, August 28th vs the Orioles
  • Detroit Tigers – Wednesday, August 31st vs the Mariners
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Sunday, September 4th vs the Cubs
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, September 6th vs the Guardians
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, September 6th vs the Mets
  • Miami Marlins – Sunday, September 11th vs the Mets
  • Cincinnati Reds – Monday, September 12th vs the Pirates
  • New York Mets – Monday, September 12th vs the Cubs
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, September 17th vs the Marlins
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, September 21st vs the Twins
  • Detroit Tigers – Tuesday, September 27th vs the Royals
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, September 27th vs the Reds
  • Seattle Mariners – Wednesday, September 28th vs the Rangers

The following teams have hosted dog friendly baseball games in the past, but haven’t announced their plans for 2022. Keep sniffing their schedules for updates.

Photo copyright: Jessica L.
Photo copyright: Jessica L.


Stadiums Offering Dog Friendly Baseball Packages in 2022

In addition to the games listed above, the Kansas City Royals offer a 4-game “Bark At The Park” pack, which includes access to their exclusive “Doggie Bag” giveaway box! Items included are a Royals branded stainless steel dog bowl, silicone lick pad, a special Bar K & Royals theme koozie, exclusive coupons from exhibitors, and more!

  • $165 covers one dog ticket and one human ticket for each of the 4 Bark at the Park dates. Additional humans can be added to the package for $84 each. Additional individual game human tickets are available for $26 per ticket.

Also remember that many minor league baseball teams have similar “Bark at the Park” promotions. Be sure to check them out, too!


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