Maurice — Regina Cat Rescue On Pets And Tricks

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RCR welcomed a special rescue recently after being contacted about a farm cat that was blind and struggling to use his back legs. His name is Maurice, and it was believed that he had been attacked by a coyote or a fox. We had him examined by a vet, and it turned out that Maurice is indeed visually impaired. He has also suffered neurological damage to his back legs from some sort of trauma, which makes it hard for him to walk.

Despite his condition, Maurice is one of the sweetest cats we’ve ever met and he quickly stole the hearts of volunteers. He does have some vision and likes to lean in for head bops once he detects your hand. Maurice loves attention – he gets comfort from being with people. He also loves his food and has been devouring every last bite.

Maurice is getting lots of love while he recovers. With his adorable little face and loving, gentle personality, we know an adopter is sure to fall in love and give him a forever home. Until then, we are happy to have the opportunity to care for sweet Maurice.

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