Male kitten won’t poop in the litter box anymore On Pets And Tricks

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by Becky Williams

(Manvel, TX)

I have a kitten that I have had for a couple of months and I thought he was doing well with the litter box. Then I switched to using one that has an automatic scooper and he would still use it to urinate but stopped pooping there. He would use the cat condo instead.

I figured that he was scared by the scooper so I switched back to using the regular litter box. He uses that but only for urinating. He still uses the cat tower to poop on.

I tried spraying the tower with apple cider vinegar or Lysol spray to deter him and then he would poop on the floor next to it. I am not around to try and catch him pooping and try to put him in the box so what can I do?

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