Male Cat is Trying to Mate with a Kitten: What to do? On Pets And Tricks

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If you have a new kitten in the house and a male cat, you may encounter the problem of a male cat trying to mate with a kitten. Male cats frequently exhibit this behavior, which could be due to various factors. In this article, we’ll go over what to do if a male cat tries to mate with a kitten and the reasons why it happens.

What to do if male cats tries to mate with a kitten?

The best way to prevent your male cat from mating with a kitten is to get him neutered, spray him with water, and encourage other behavior.

Neuter your cat

Neutering your male cat is the best solution to this problem. Neutering is a surgical process that removes a male cat’s testicles. While it may appear painful, it has many advantages because it removes your male cat’s primary source of testosterone.

A neutered cat is usually less aggressive. They are also usually gentler and more affectionate towards humans. Neutering a male cat will also make your cat healthier. This is because testicular cancer and prostate issues are no longer a concern.


If your male cat has already been neutered and is still trying to mate with a kitten, you can discipline it in other ways. When a male cat does this to a kitten, one solution is to spray it with water. This will teach it that the behavior is unacceptable and should not be repeated.

Another option is to discipline the male cat and put it in a “time-out” if you catch it trying to mate with a kitten. You can do this by placing the male cat in a different room or saying a firm “no.”

Encourage non-aggressive behavior

Because the kitten is still young and the male cat is larger, it is best to teach him not to do it to avoid injury or causing fear in the kitten. If your male cat continues to mount a kitten, you should try to encourage other behaviors. You should try getting your cat a toy to distract it from thinking about wanting to mate with the kitten.

Why do male cats try to mate with kittens?

Male cats may attempt to mate with a kitten for various reasons. While this is normal in nature, it is still preferable to avoid. This is because some male cats can be more aggressive to kittens when attempting to mate. You would want to keep your kittens as safe as possible. Some of the reasons why a male cat might try to mate with a kitten are as follows:

The male cat is sexually aggressive.

If your male cat is sexually aggressive, it will constantly mount other cats, animals, inanimate objects, or in this case, kittens. Sexual aggression is frequently the result of behavioral issues rather than hormones. Some male cats can be sexually aggressive even after being neutered, which may explain why some male cats try to mate with a kitten. This sexual aggression is also why male cats will frequently mount their offspring, both male and female.

The male cat is trying to show dominance.

Cats typically assert their dominance through their behaviors. This can be accomplished by standing upright, staring for an extended time, chewing off whiskers, raising the base of their tails, or even hissing and yowling. Some cats can also urinate and bunt, and they may even fight to gain dominance over other cats.

However, there have been isolated reports of male cats attempting to mate with kittens to assert dominance. In a way, it demonstrates that he’s stronger than the kitten. If the kitten is fighting the male cat or showing fear, this is likely the cause of the behavior.

The kitten is reaching early sexual maturity.

Most kittens reach sexual maturity at six months. However, there have been reports of kittens reaching sexual maturity as early as four months. This could be why your male cat is attempting to mate with your kitten, as the kitten is entering estrus and is in the presence of a sexually active male.

While this is more of a natural occurrence, it is still preferable to prevent kittens from mating. It is dangerous for young kittens to undergo pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to keep them apart if they are in a mating phase.

Keep your male cat from attempting to mate with a kitten as much as possible, as this could result in injuries or trauma to the kitten. If you notice your male cat trying to mate with a kitten, you should stop it immedietly.


Male cats may attempt to mate with a kitten for various reasons. We can’t exactly talk to it and expect it to understand what we’re saying, so we must do all we can to keep the kitten safe from harm. If nothing else can be done, the best thing to do is separate the cats until the kitten reaches the appropriate age. Best of luck in this situation, and I hope you find the most effective way to discipline your male cat!

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