Kitty Korner: Adjusting On Pets And Tricks

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 Hi effurybody!

It’s getting furry cold here so there is no sunny room time for me. Good thing the couch is pretty darn comfortable too.  

Kitty Korner Adjusting

The mom bean isn’t sure how this is comfortable.  Little does she know.  

She says there have been some changes in my behaviour since Sasha went to the Bridge. I used to wait for him to wake mom in the morning, now I do that all by myself. I’ve taken to tapping her on the head with my paw…with a teeny tiny bit of my claws out to make sure she pays attenshun. When that doesn’t work, I knock stuff off her bedside table – books, glasses, cellphone, water bottle – it all goes flying. That works effury time!

I’ve been playing lots too and getting the zoomies sometimes. Mom bean has been finding toys all over the place. I won’t tell her why I’m doing that now and didn’t do it much before. 

I miss Sasha sometimes and I refuse to sit on his spot on the couch. I even get mad at the mom bean when she sits there. But I sure lub being the only kitty cuz I get all the pets and scritches. And treats too!  

Stay warm efurrybody!

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