Keeping your cats safe this Easter — Regina Cat Rescue On Pets And Tricks

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  1. Lilies are beautiful but can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Even a small amount ingested or licked off their fur or paws can be fatal.

  2. Easter basket grass (used as filler in Easter baskets) is very tempting to cats and poses a big risk. These plastic strings can cause obstruction in your cat’s intestine. This can require surgery and cause death.

  3. Chocolate, grapes, raisins and dairy aren’t good for cats, and can lead to toxicity too. So if these items are staples in your Easter egg hunt, make sure you’ve collected up all your eggs and treats so your kitty can’t get to them!

  4. Cyclamen and amaryllis plants are common around Easter (you’ve probably already seen them at your local grocery store). Their bulbs are usually showing and are toxic but so are their flowers. Small bites can cause vomiting, drooling and diarrhea. Large amounts can result in heart rhythm abnormalities, seizures and death.

  5. Dough is one you may not expect but if you’re baking Easter rolls from scratch, keep uncooked dough containing live yeast secured away from cats. If eaten, cats can suffer from a variety of debilitating and potentially fatal problems as the live yeast becomes “active” in the warm, moist environment of their stomach.

  6. Table scraps contain fat, spices and ingredients that can cause upset stomachs and other digestive issues. Do everyone a favour this year and don’t let your cats get into the human food!

Being aware of these risks can help prevent an emergency trip the vet this Easter. And remember animals are never suitable gifts – that includes bunnies and chicks too! These animals require special feeding and care. Try a stuffed animal instead!

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