Isa the seal tortie mid bicolour Ragdoll On Pets And Tricks

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by Maria & Simon


Isa at 10 months.

Isa at 10 months.

Hi! I’m Isa. I am a seal tortie mid bicolour Ragdoll. The “mid bicolour” (or mid-high white bicolour) means that I have a bit more white in my fur than other bicolour Ragdolls. I live in Sweden with my human parents and my Ragdoll friend Toffee. We have a splendid time together day in and day out.

I always get to spend lots of time with my parents and cuddle with my friend, we also travel a lot by car to visit the grandparents. I recently had my first litter at 1½ years – I gotta say, since we all were a little nervous, it went better than expected! Those little runts have now moved to their new families, but I’m satisfied as can be with my own family.

I am turning 2 years old this February of 2022 and I expect to travel a lot more and walk in the summer grasses with the friends that I love. Sometimes, my parents also upload pictures and videos of me on our Instagram @Isaragdoll. Thanks for reading!

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