Importance Of Controlling Birds On Your Property

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Importance Of Controlling Birds On Your PropertyIn search of a place to build a nest or for shelter, birds can become quite a nuisance if they find your home instead. They can easily nest in garages, under decks, in attics, vents, and other places you do not want them. These birds can cause quite a bit of damage to a business or residence. When pest bird populations are not regulated, a great deal of damage can be incurred. Consider calling the pros at Minnesota Wildlife Management to help control the bird population at your home or business.

Damage Caused By Acidic Droppings

Bird droppings are highly acidic, and can cause damage to rooftops, machinery, and automotive paint jobs, just to name a few. More importantly, a bird’s droppings can contain more than 60 transmissible diseases. Avian flu (H5N1 or bird flu are more common names), avian tuberculosis, and salmonellosis are just a few of the diseases found in typical bird droppings.

Damage Caused By Nests

Nests are typically located inside of rain gutters and roof corners that can be hard for the naked eye to detect and can have dramatic effects on homes and warehouses. Nests can cause blockages in drainage spouts and cause a large portion of the gutter system to fail and back up. Birds are also not opposed to building their nests in chimneys and ventilation systems, which can spread diseases and block proper airflow.

Increased Fire Risks

Nests are inherently flammable since they are crafted with a mixture of twigs and leaves, materials that can easily be used to start a fire. When birds become overpopulated, they begin to build nests inside of machinery and electric signs, which causes severe fire to take place.

Preventing Bird Activity

Some simpler solutions may include replacing a dryer vent and installing a cover to help avoid nests being built in the same place in the future. If the birds are getting in through holes, damaged, or missing soffit or fascia, abatement services for soiled nesting areas may be required. There are many solutions that can be offered to deter future activity. These include netting, spikes, visual and audible deterrents, and anti-roost wiring.

Though you may be able to get rid of some birds, hiring Wild Animal Management Inc. is your best bet. We are affordable and guarantee your safety. Not only that, but we also can prevent birds from invading your space for good!

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