How YOU can help stray cats — Regina Cat Rescue On Pets And Tricks

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How YOU can help stray cats — Regina Cat Rescue

If the cat has ID, you must try for 10 days to find his guardians before moving on to these next steps. If the cat has no ID, you must hold on to him for 72 hours before moving on to next steps.

Next, you can rehome him.

  • Use your networks to see if there’s any family, friends or coworkers looking for a cat companion.

  • Post on your social media accounts to reach a larger audience.

  • This may take some work but you’ll be helping a cat in need find the love, attention and care he or she needs — it’s very rewarding!

Or, you can keep him.

  • Take the cat to the vet for a check up and vaccinations. Ask the vet about any cat care and health questions you may have. 

  • Schedule the spay (female) or neuter (male) surgery for your new cat. This is best for their health, reduces nuisance behaviours (like spraying, loud vocalizations of cats in heat, etc.) and helps prevent more unwanted cats from being born.

Can’t rehome or keep him? Try supporting him outside until a rescue or animal welfare agency can help. This means:

If you’ve exhausted these options and need our help, please start by completing our intake form. We’re volunteer run so it may take us a few days to get back to you. Please patient as we’re doing the best we can to help hundreds of cats in need each year.

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